Strider Rocking Base

  • Transforms your child's bike into the perfect rocking horse bike

  • For Babies 6-24 Months

  • Attaches to all current generation 12" Strider Bikes ONLY

  • Does Not Include Bike

  • Tool Included

  • Durable Plastic Construction

Strider 12 Sport Baby Bundle

  • Includes Strider 12 Sport and Rocking Base

  • For Babies 6-24 Months

  • You can choose your bike color

  • Tool Included

  • Durable Plastic Construction

BABY BUNDLE: PHP 9, 990.00


Easy-ride Pedal Kit for 14x

  • The Easy-Ride Pedal Kit easily attaches to the bike when your child is ready to pedal.

  • After attaching the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit in 14x, the weight increases to a mere 6.9 kg (15 lbs).

  • For kids 3-7 years old.

PHP 3, 590.00

Strider Light Set

(Headlight and Taillight set!)

  • Compact, Lightweight, Super Bright LED Lights

  • Steady or Flashing Modes for Great Visibility

  • Easy to Mount on Any Handlebar, Seatpost or Wheel

  • Headlight (white) and Taillight (red)

PHP 690.00

Bike Stand from G2 Brothers

Strider Bike Stand from G2 Bothers proudly made in the Philippines. Give the Bike an stabile stand and the kid can sit safe on it. Material: Steel with plastic end caps.

PHP 1,750.00

Strider Handlerbar Bell

  • Easy to Attach, Easy to Ring

  • Must-Have Safety Gear for Your Child’s Bike

Custom Strider Graphics

PHP 490.00

Pneumatic Wheels Set/ Heavy Duty Wheel Set 

Custom wheel on aluminum rim with steel hub and spokes. 12 x 1.75 pneumatic tires. If the rider is a little older and stronger and can handle the added weight of the pneumatic system (and you're willing to maintain proper tire inflation!) this wheel set offers a great ride characteristic and excellent traction. For beginning riders or really young/lightweight riders, we still recommend the standard EVA polymer wheel set due to its light weight. Each pneumatic wheel weighs about 1 POUND more than the EVA polymer wheel set.

Wheels are sold as a set.

PHP 3,690.00

Plastic Interlocking Bike Stand

· Easy, snap together assembly

· Helps keep the garage clutter under control

· Interlocks with other STRIDER Interlocking Bike Stands

  for multiple STRIDER bikes


· Helps children learn to put things in their place

· Works with or without the optional brake installed

· Durable and tough black plastic

Park your STRIDER™ running bike in style and put a smile on mom with our Interlocking Bike Stand!


PHP 1,070.00

XL Seatpost w/ Padded Saddle

For older children (4+ years old), we offer an optional 305mm length seat post with pre-mounted padded saddle. This seat post extends the saddle height another 3" to a maximum of 19" from the ground! Fits all ST-Model STRIDERS. Extends maximum seat height from the standard 41cm / 16in to 48cm / 19in.

PHP 850.00

Number Plate

Customize your STRIDER™ with a Motocross Style Numberplate! The white plate includes three sticker sheets with numbers 0 – 9, and other cool stickers to personalize your number plate or other belongings!

PHP 810.00

XL Handle Bar 

XL HandleBar 


  • 6cm wider than stock STRIDER handlebars

  • Larger grips

  • Forward extension creates more room for

ergonomic comfort


  • 4cm taller to accommodate larger riders

  • Fits all STRIDER 12" models except 12" PRO model

As your child grows, their needs change. The STRIDER XL handlebar extends the use of your STRIDER bike by increasing the handlebar height, reach, and grip size. Combine the XL handlebar, extra-long seatpost, and pneumatic wheel set to create the ultimate ride for your growing child.

PHP 1,350.00

Custom Mini-Grips

in an assortment of cool colors! An easy way to customize and trick out your STRIDER. Mini Handlebar Grips only fit the Mini-Grip Handlebar (12.7mm, standard on the STRIDER 12 Sport, Pro, ST-4, & ST-3 STRIDERS).

PHP 590.00




Brake Kit

Product features:


Updated for 2014 and guaranteed to leave skid marks on your driveway and a smile on your child's face. Further develops riding skills once a child is proficiently gliding with feet up on the footrests.


  • Welded steel construction

  • Painted black finish


Simple installation Designed to fit ST-2, ST-3, ST-4, Sport, Classic, and Pro model bikes. This product will not fit the ST-1 model Strider.

PHP 1,250.00


  • Steel leaf spring

  • Mounting hardware


UltraLight Wheel 

  • Strong Custom STRIDER™ Rim

  • Durable No-Flat Tire

  • Tread patterrn and bearings matches the ST-4, and will fit on ANY ST-Model

  • Sold Individually

PHP 1,100.00

Spare Parts: 

STRIDER 12" Eva Wheel Bearing 

Fits on Ultralight Wheels from Model   ST-4 (2013) till now. 


PHP 108.00 Each

PHP 216.00 Pair

STRIDER 12" Axle Hardware Set 

Fits on Ultralight Wheels from Model   ST-4 (2013) till now. 


PHP 198.00

Quick Release Clamp 

Will work on ST-3, ST-4, Classic, and Sport model bikes. 

Fits both the handlebar and seatpost . Works as a

replacement part, or an upgrade for a Classic model


Note: This clamp will *not* fit an ST-2 model bike,

and will not fit a Pro model bike.



PHP 260.00

STRIDER 12" Tension Bushing 

PHP 66.00 Each 

PHP 132.00 Pair 

Will work on ST-3, ST-4, Classic, and Sport model bikes. 

Fits both the handlebar and seatpost . 

Note: This will *not* fit an ST-2 model bike,

and will not fit a Pro model bike.



STRIDER Cone Yellow

The best for practicing turns, striding around and making your own track. 

PHP 960.00


PHP 150.00