Our #1 selling balance bike

12 Sport

 Feature-Rich, Mid-Level Model


The perfect starter bike for children Age 18 Months - 6 Years

No-tool Height adjustments for seat and handlebars

Includes bonus XL post for taller riders

Lightweight design makes it easy for toddlers to Control 

Simple, no-tool assembly

Flat-free tires


                        PINK, ORANGE, BLACK


SRP PHP 6,990.00

12 Sport Baby bundle

 Designed for children age 6 months and up


Introduce balance, stability, and fun to your child even before they can walk! With the Rocking Base/Sport bundle, the Strider Rocking Base attaches to the Strider 12 Sport and transforms it into the perfect toy. Parents love watching their children explore, learn, and develop with the Strider Rocking Base. There’s no better way to begin developing those gross motor skills than introducing your baby to the joy and excitement of riding a bicycle.

Once your child begins walking, they’ll quickly adapt to riding the 12 Sport as a balance bike. A Strider Balance Bike is the best way to teach balance, enhance motor skills, and build confidence! The 12 Sport’s patented steel frame and puncture-proof tires don’t require maintenance. A quick-adjust seat and handlebar height mean no tools are necessary. Built-in footrests and an ergonomic design provide comfort and safety.

Available in an assortment of colors, the Strider 12 Sport and Rocking Base bundle is the best way to give them the best start by getting them on two wheels. Designed for 6 months to 3+ years.

The Sport model has a seat height range from 11-19", fitting children with an inseam 12-20".


SRP PHP 9,990.00

Choose the color of your bike.

The Strider 14x Sport makes switching between a balance bike and a pedal bike a breeze. The Easy-Ride Pedal Kit easily attaches to the bike when your child is ready to pedal.​

With a weight of only 5.5 kg (12 lbs) while it’s in balance bike mode. After attaching the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit, the weight increases to a mere 6.9 kg (15 lbs).

The 22.2mm, soft, polyvinyl grips prevent the ends of the handlebar from poking through, giving your child comfort and protection.

The 14” wheels are sized just right for ages 3 to 7.

The included Easy-Ride Pedal Kit is equipped with a foot-actuated rear coaster brake that makes the coolest skid marks.

The 44 mm (1.75 inch) width of the pneumatic rubber tires keeps the weight down and the traction up.

The provided chain guard delivers the safety to protect your rider from any bike chain accidents. Not only that, but it keeps the chain and gears clean from any mud or gunk that might be part of the adventure.

Specifically designed for a 3- to 7-year-old, our padded seat allows for comfortable riding position and posture.

These custom footrests are easily removable once your toddler is ready to pedal.

The Stride-Around pedals are specially designed to serve two purposes. First, they fit a child's foot. Second, their narrow form allows children to stride around them to gain momentum.



14X Sport with Pedal Kit

SRP (14X with PEDAL KIT) PHP 12,990.00

SRP (PEDAL KIT) PHP 3,590.00

12 Classic

 Skill-Building, Entry-Level Model


Age 18 Months - 3 Years

Cuztomizable with optional accesories

Simple, quick assembly (tool include)

Adjustable seat and handlebar

Lightweight designed, easy for toddlers to Control 

Flat-free tires



SRP PHP 5,490.00

 All-Aluminum, High-End Model


The lightest STRIDER Bike in the world!

Age 18 Months - 6 Years

Ultra-Lightweight designed

Same specs as 12 Sport Model, PLUS:

Aluminum materials for ultra lightweight

Stylish number plate 




12 Pro

SRP PHP 9,890.00

Ages 6 to 12 years

Highly adjustable, all-terrain bikes adapt to nearly every rider size 

Ability to Help the rider feel comfortable and confident, high quality components

Provide maximum safety, performance, and durability

Seat height (rider inseam) ranges from 19.5 - 25.5 inches (49.5 - 64.8 cm)

Simple Lightweight design (8kg/17.7lbs)

Max Rider weight -85kg/187 lbs



16 Sport

SRP PHP 12,990.00

20 Sport

Ages 10 years and up

Simple Lightweight Design (9.6 kg/21.2 lbs)

Max Rider weight - 110 kg/242 lbs

A low 3 degree sweep highlight these standard 22.2 mm, 660 mm wide handlebars. Pressed in bearings keep the 1 1/8" stem turning smoothly.

The cross terrain tires offer a smooth ride on all surfaces while maintaining traction in the dirt. The tire size is 1.75 - 20 and offer a 42 lb. max psi inflation rating.

The fully padded seat is mounted on a rail allowing multiple front to back and seat angle adjustments. A 28.6mm seatpost comes standard on the 20" bike.

Machined aluminum quick release allows “No Tools” saddle height adjustment.

Unique, footrests can be added or removed to adjust to the rider's size and ability.

Frame mounted front and rear v brakes grace the 20" model. These brakes offer greater stopping power compared to a standard caliper style brake.



SRP PHP 14,990.00

Special Edition STRIDER Sport Honda


Age 18 Months - 6 Years

Cuztomizable with optional accesories

Simple, quick assembly (tool include)

Adjustable seat and handlebar

Lightweight designed, easy for toddlers to Control 

Flat-free tires



SRP PHP 7,590.00