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Today, I experienced another "Very Proud Dad" moment. My 4 year old Aerice accomplished what she was praying for. Previous to this day, she would always tell me that she wants to win the 1st Philippine Strider Cup so that she will also have a trophy like her sister, Ariana. All her her previous wins in Strider races she was given medals only. And she said, she wants to win again so that we will call her "Champ" again. Hehe. She would train almost every day after school, doing drills on her bike and mobility exercises I taught her. Today, at the 1st Philippine Strider Cup staged by Strider Bikes - Philippines held at Carmeltown, Laguna, she defeated the Boys once again and became the Champion in the 4 year old category. She was the only girl in the Finals.

Way to go, my baby Aerice!!! You made your Daddy and Mommy, and your sisters, very proud indeed. We love you, CHAMP!!!


Donjie Pascual Dormitorio

"My Baby Aerice"

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