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My firstborn was not yet walking when we bought him a strider bike because we watched a strider race and dreamt of having him join it. Then I gave birth to my 2nd child and to focus on our newborn my husband biked with our son every morning. We started joining sunday fun family day bike races by NBO at BGC then joined different balance bike races. Being from South did not hinder us from joining events on North. At first we were excited for my son to win that we put too much pressure on him to speed up. But after a while we learned that we must have fun as a family. When we lessened our expectations that's when my son won the championship award. 

Joining strider bike racing made our family stronger and happier. It is also our solution for our zero gadget no screentime life for our children. We feel so blessed to have been part of Strider 2019 and it made our parenting village ( yes all of my paarent friends ; 8 families joined these events,  we call ourselves kain tulog gang family) create unforgettable meaningful memories.

We are so excited for the upcoming events. We will join until they reach the maximum age. Cannot wait to see both of my children join, learn and have fun. Together let us build better healthier happier children.

"My first born, Duke"


Julian Ruth Torres

Leah Canja

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