The Little Riders!


There's nothing more satisfying seeing a happy and smilling kids

while they enjoy learning and build their confidence.


Priceless Moments!


Allow 18 months to 6 year old kids to experience the day of riding and develop coordination and confidence.

Demonstrates to parents that riding is possible for these really your kids, enhancing their mobility.

Draws a crowd of amazed onlookers, offering you a marketing opportunity.

Gives you a 'newsworthy' story and opportunity to gain free media attention.

keep event attendees on site longer!


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Strider @ Cycleasia Philippines

Kendra on the

Strider St-4

Strider Bike Rule! Road Safety

Andric 4th Birthday Best Time of My Life

Never ever use training wheels!
If you feel your child is ready to pedal, we recommend finding the simplest, lightest bike possible. Avoid “bells and whistles” as they all add weight and distraction. We also recommend that pedal bikes have a freewheel hub and a hand brake. Do not buy a bike for your child to “grow into”. A bike that is too large won’t fit properly, will be too heavy, will be unsafe, and will ultimately discourage your child. With the seat at its lowest setting your child should be able to touch the ground flat footed. Remember, training wheels are NOT a solution to a bike that is too large.