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XL Handlebar

We know your kiddo is growing like crazy. As they grow, their needs change. Extend the life of your little one’s favorite bike with the Strider XL Handlebar. It increases the handlebar height and reach for a comfortable, confident ride.

Combine the Strider XL Handlebar, XL Seatpost, and the Heavy-Duty Wheel Set to create the ultimate ride for your growing child.

*Strider XL Handelbar fits only Strider 12 Classic and Strider 12 Sport models.


Php 1,350.00


  • Extends the use of your child's bike by increasing the handlebar height, reach, and grip size

  • XL Handlebars add 5 cm (2 in) Width, 7 cm (2 in) Height, 5 cm (2 in) Forward


XL Seatpost

Ready to upgrade the saddle? Check out the Strider Performance Seat. This super comfy saddle padded seat and standard seatpost will keep those tiny tushies comfortable for long adventures around the block. The Strider Performance Seat doesn’t require any tools for assembly or adjustment and is a must-have for the tall rider in your family!


Php 850.00


  • Fits all 12" models

  • For kids with inseams of 41 - 51 cm (16 - 20 in)

  • Specs:

  • Seat-height range 38 - 48 cm (15 - 19 in)

  • Padded Seat

  • 305 mm (12 in) seatpost length

  • 22.2 mm (7/8 in) seatpost diameter

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