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Strider Plastic

Bike Stand

The Strider Bike Stand does exactly what the name says: keeps your bike standing up tall and looking proud after you’ve had a hard day of riding.

Because we like making things super easy for our customers, the Strider Bike Stand accommodates a wide variety of tire widths.


Php 1,070.00


  • Easy, snap together assembly

  • Helps keep the garage clutter under control

  • Interlocks with other STRIDER Interlocking Bike Stands for multiple STRIDER bikes

  • Helps children learn to put things in their place

  • Works with or without the optional brake installed

  • Durable and tough black plastic


Rocking Base

Look, your child is destined for greatness. We won’t dispute that. But why wait until they can walk for them to rock their awesomeness? If they’re crawling, they’re ready to explore the world. Attach the Strider Rocking Base to a Strider 12 Bike and get them rocking. The rocking base doesn’t just familiarize them with a bike, the rocking motion helps develop their balance, spatial awareness, and core strength. No batteries. No annoying sounds. Just pure, rocking fun.


Php 3,990.00


  • Recommended Age: 12 to 24 Months

  • Attaches to all current generation 12" Strider Bikes ONLY

  • Contains Base Only. 12" Strider Bike Sold Separately

  • Easy Assembly. Tool Included.

  • All-Weather, Durable Plastic Construction.

  • Rubber Floor Protection Strips.

  • Maximum Rider Weight: 18 kg (40 lbs)

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