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  •  Genuine Strider® Balance Bikes are permitted to race only.

  •  Parent must sign waiver and register rider before rider enters the track.

  •  Parent must sign affidavit certifying rider’s proof of age.

  •  No parents are allowed on track during competition except 2yrs category.

  •  All riders may be assisted on the start hill/ramp only. One parent limit in start area.

  •  Parent must not make any contact with bike or rider at the start of the race (no pushing).

  •  Riders in standard classes must be able to complete course unassisted for a finishing position.

  •  At a minimum, every rider will be allowed to run three race laps.

  •  Start position will be determined by registration date and time.

  •  Age groups for racing are based on rider’s age the day of the race. In the case of a multi-day event,    age groups will be based on the first day of the event.

  •  Bikes must be properly fitted to the rider with final decision being made by the Strider official.

  •  All bikes must pass a basic inspection to verify compliance with the race rules and ensure safety for    the rider and fellow participants.

  •  No modifications of bike frame or fork are allowed.

  •  Aftermarket components such as wheels, seats, and handlebars are acceptable but are subject to  safety inspection by Strider official.

  •  All riders must wear a helmet which meets the U.S. CPSC, DOT, or similar safety standards.

  •  No slip-on shoes or sandals are allowed (full toe coverage is required).

  •  Safety gear such as long pants, long-sleeve shirt, elbow/knee pads, and gloves are highly  recommended. 

Race Rules 


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